How to Sell a House Fast in Ontario

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When you see the average number of days for selling a house in Canada can equate to several months, you may not have high hopes that you’ll be able to sell a house quickly, even in the very beautiful Canadian province of Ontario. 

However, when you need to sell your house quickly to buy another, move out of the area, or solve a financial problem, you may be pleased to know you have options. You may simply need to follow this process to sell a house fast in Ontario. 

Step 1: Decide Why You Want to Sell

Before you decide how you want to sell your home, there’s no harm in determining why you wish to sell it in the first place. Your answer may dictate the steps you take to sell it and your chosen methods. 

Some people inherit properties they don’t want or need, and a fast sale can ensure they can cover property-related costs that might be thousands of dollars each month. Other people end up in a precarious financial situation, with property sale seen as the only solution. 

Expensive repairs, moving out of the area, and damage from fires and natural disasters can also be among the most common reasons why you may decide that selling is the right decision to make. 

Step 2: Choose a Sales Method

There are many different ways to sell property, but not all will suit your needs when trying to sell your home quickly. Selling through a realtor may seem like the most natural choice, but it can often take several weeks, if not months, to line up a buyer. You also often have to part with a significant sum of money for their service. 

You may even think about selling a house yourself, but the idea of hosting open homes and taking care of legal paperwork can be daunting. 

Those who require a fast house sale in Ontario often think about selling directly to professional home buyers who purchase properties in any condition to do up and on-sell. They’re so familiar with the buying and selling process that they’ll handle the entire sales process and don’t require commission or fee payments. 

Step 3: Accept an Offer

If you decide to sell your home to a professional buyer to speed up the sales process, you simply need to contact them and wait for an offer. A no-obligation offer can arrive in very little time, and all that’s left for you to do is ponder whether it’s the right decision for you. 

Once you accept the offer, you can negotiate a closing date on a timeline that suits your needs. This is in contrast to traditional sales methods where the buyers can sometimes dictate when you must leave. 

Step 4: Close the Deal

Upon accepting an offer from a professional home buyer, all that’s left to do now is close the deal. Many investors will handle most of the paperwork, and you can use your own lawyer to finalize the sale. 

Once the paperwork is finalized, you can receive cash for your property as quickly as you need it, with many buyers paying for properties in a matter of days. 

Selling a house quickly in Ontario doesn’t have to be a complicated, drawn-out process. It can be fast, easy, and lucrative when you sell in the right way to the right people. If you haven’t yet contacted a professional buyer to review your property, now might be the right time to give SLG Home Buyer a call.

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