How to Sell Your Hoarder House Fast and Move On

Dealing with a loved one who struggles with hoarding can be particularly sensitive and challenging. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association formally recognized hoarding as a mental health disorder. It is a distinct mental health condition that impacts not only the individual but also their surrounding friends and family.

Hoarding disorder involves accumulating ordinary items and a persistent difficulty in discarding them, often stemming from unresolved trauma. It can lead to cluttered, unsanitary, and hazardous living conditions. Recent media coverage has helped raise awareness and facilitate seeking help for those affected.

Investing the time, energy, and financial resources required to restore a hoarder home may not be the best option, given the extensive work involved. Plus, there’s no guarantee of recouping the investment. By selling the house as is, you can receive a cash offer without spending thousands of dollars or resort to a home equity line to finance the repairs. If the prospect of repairing and updating a hoarder home seems too overwhelming or financially draining, SLG Home Buyer offers a stress-free alternative. We purchase houses in any condition, without any hidden fees, commissions, or obligations, enabling you to maximize your financial return.

Advantages of Taking a Cash Offer for a Hoarder Home

No Need To Spend Time and Money on Extensive Cleaning

Selling a hoarder home requires extensive cleaning. These can be costly and time-consuming and usually include renting a dumpster to remove the items. A comprehensive deep cleaning is necessary to address the unsanitary conditions resulting from prolonged hoarding. Mould and pest infestations are common in hoarder homes and require professional treatment to prevent recurrence.

Some sellers opt to only showcase the house’s exterior in online listings. Unfortunately, this approach often backfires, as potential buyers quickly recognize the absence of interior photos as a red flag, deterring them from further consideration.

It is highly unlikely that a hoarder home will attract regular buyers in its current state, and the burden of cleaning and restoration falls on the new owner. With a cash sale, you can sell the property ‘as is,’ meaning there is no need to spend money on repairs or cleaning.

Do Away With Costly Repairs

The cost of repairing a hoarder home can be substantial and requires addressing issues that are not immediately visible. After the initial clean-up, it is common to uncover a range of damages, from the remnants of food, vermin, mould, and pet damage. These issues can affect finishes, plumbing, and even the property’s structural integrity. Walls and floors may be compromised, and plumbing systems may be clogged. The prolonged neglect of maintenance and cleaning can also result in HVAC systems, appliances, and other household systems being in a state of disrepair or entirely non-functional.

A simple examination of the property is unlikely to reveal the full extent of the damages. It is advisable to engage a professional home inspector who can provide a detailed assessment of the necessary repairs. Since buyers will almost certainly request a home inspection, conducting one in advance will provide a clear picture of what needs to be addressed.

The repair process also causes a domino effect, where addressing one issue leads to uncovering others. For instance, removing a baseboard may expose mould that requires professional remediation. Similarly, replacing flooring may reveal underlying structural problems.

Opting for a cash sale is a viable alternative to avoid extensive and costly repairs. It’s usually a quicker process, as it does not involve waiting for mortgage approvals or dealing with potential delays related to inspections and appraisals.

No Stigma Attached

There is a social stigma attached to hoarding, and many potential buyers may be immediately turned off, knowing that the property was a hoarder home, regardless of the current condition of the house. Real estate agents may be reluctant to work with you due to the potential for hidden damages and the legal and health regulations that can create additional challenges and liabilities for the agent.

Sell Your Home “As Is” to SLG Home Buyer

Selling a hoarder home traditionally involves significant cleaning and repairing costs, plus the standard commission of 5-6% of the sale price and additional marketing fees paid to real estate agents. These expenses can quickly add up. However, SLG Home Buyer offers a no-fee approach, sparing sellers from commissions, marketing fees, and other unexpected expenses. This results in substantial savings and reduces stress and hassle, which is particularly valuable in dealing with a hoarder’s home.

Don’t let the overwhelming task of selling a hoarder home weigh you down. Contact SLG Home Buyer today for a hassle-free, no-fee approach that immediately puts money in your pocket and helps you move forward.

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