Should I Sell My House Now? 4 Things to Consider

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Selling your house may be one of the most significant decisions you ever make in life, which means it’s not one to make lightly. Once your home is sold, it’s no longer yours, and your entire life can change based on this one decision. 

Even when you’re confident that it’s the right decision to make, there are a few things to consider before you act. Some of the following points may be worth thinking about. Below are 5 things to consider if you are thinking “should I sell my house now?”.

How You Sell It

One of the most important things to consider when deciding whether to sell your house is how you intend to sell it. You might decide to list it through an agent, sell it yourself, or opt for a quick and easy sale through professional home buyers

Each sales method has its pros and cons, and there’s value in weighing these up to see which one suits your needs the most. For example, realtors handle everything for you, but you have to deal with the hassle of open homes while also handing over up to 6% of the sale price in commission

For-sale-by-owner sales methods mean you get to keep that commission, but you have to manage all the paperwork, legal documentation, and open homes on your own. That leaves you selling your house directly to a professional purchaser. 

They can provide a fee and commission-free sales experience while handling all legal technicalities and sales processes from start to finish. Often, it’s the fastest, easiest sales option of them all. 


Many people consider selling their property when maintenance and repair requirements become too much for them to handle. Your home might require costly repairs, or you simply don’t have the time or energy to take care of the property any longer. 

These points may impact whether you sell now or in the future. You have to decide whether it’s in your best interest to pay for urgent repairs yourself and prepare your property for market sale or sell your home as-is and leave that problem to someone else. 

The Market

Market conditions can undoubtedly dictate when you sell your home. When the market is hot, you know your property will sell quickly and possibly for far more than you purchased it. When the market cools down, you may need to lower your expectations and consider ways to make your property more attractive to prospective purchasers. 

Fortunately, whether the market is hot or cold, you’ll likely be able to shift your property. It can just be a matter of when. 

Life Changes

Consider any significant life changes that may influence your housing needs. Changes in employment, family size, or lifestyle preferences could warrant a reassessment of your current living situation. Selling your house might be a practical decision to better align your housing with your current life circumstances.

Your Reasons for Selling

Deciding to sell now rather than later may come down to your original reasons for selling. You may have inherited the home and need to sell it quickly, or your financial situation has changed. People also sell their properties to move out of state or upgrade to something better. 

Your reasons can dictate not only how you sell but when you sell. Weigh the pros and cons of selling now versus in the months or years to come. You may then be able to contact home buyers to sell privately and get the ball rolling. 

There can be a lot to consider before you decide to pack up and move out of your home. Not only do you have to factor the market into the decision-making process, but possible repairs, your reason for selling, and even how you can sell your home. Think long and hard about the sales process before you make this life-changing decision.

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  1. These staging tips have gone a long way in helping me sell my house. I love all the information given out; they are so so helpful. I wish I knew about them before so I could’ve applied them before. But all’s well that ends well.

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